Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Subterranean

(image source: screen capture of The Subterranean)

Andy has written some articles for our friend Daniel who has just started a blog called The Subterranean - it's a pop culture blog looking at film, literature and music. Daniel is an awesome writer and has some very interesting articles on there (I especially enjoyed the look at the Dracula movie interpretations).

Daniel is exploring the Cut-up technique in variety of genre's including literature, art and music.  He asked Andy to write up some articles on Hip-Hop producers and give a selection of songs they had worked on.  If you don't know much about Hip-Hop or which artists to listen to these articles give some awesome examples - I must admit before I met Andy I didn't know alot of Hip-Hop artists (I was in the alternative, metal, indie catagory) but he has introduced me to some amazing music - some of my favourite musicians and music is now from Hip-Hop.

Anyway if your into Hip-Hop or interested in learning more check out these articles written by Andy:
Oh No

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