Tuesday, March 30, 2010

MaricorMaricar - Architecture in Helsinki video clip

Check out this aweseom video clip by Sydney animator's MaricorMaricar for Architecture in Helsinki - 'Like it or Not'.

Sewn then animated!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Inspiration - Massive Attack

Last night I saw Massive Attack and they were fantastic! Which inspired me to post about the artwork of 3D the founder of Massive Attack. He has previously done the artwork for Unkle on their boxset for Warstories - also fantastic.
If you get a chance to see them live in Australia go!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

A week of great inspiration and getting stuff

I am having such a wonderful week getting surprises in the mail, finding things on the street and still getting some lovely things for Audrey for her birthday. Above is an image of the cake I attempted to make from the Very Hungary Catapillar by Eric Carle. I ate half of the leftovers on the way over to work! Here is my inspirational adventure:
I found this typewriter on the side of the road and it works! Am going to use it to type the nameplace cards for the wedding.

Which then leads onto this - I received my stamps in the mail designed and made by Dudley Redhead yesterday. Hoorah! and they look great - can't wait to get stamping and decorate the nameplace cards with these! (Thanks Dudley!).

Then I received this beautiful painting in the mail done by my sister Aunty Em of Glitter Glow Beading for Aud's birthday.

Then Aunty Milly (one of my best mates - no blog yet but she should start one!) bought over this beautiful book from Adelaide for another present for Audrey. It's a beautiful pop up book about Snow White, illustrated in a Naive Art style (which i love!).

Then I also received in the mail 2 Mixtape zines - woohoo - they look great - can't wait to sit down and read them.
Lastly please also check this out - it's fantastic. Made by White have designed a shop front based around Alice in Wonderland - they are very talented ladies and have a great blog too!
( image source: Made by White)
Now I am out of breath.