Thursday, March 24, 2011

Broadsheet Pop Up Cafe

I am so slack - I keep meaning to post about all sorts of things and then forget.  One of the things was the Broadsheet Pop Up Cafe which was part of the Melbourne Food and Wine Festival on recently.  I was going to say you should go check it out if your in Melbourne! The Broadsheet Pop Up Cafe was a collaborative project featuring some of Melbourne's best coffee businesses. (The image above is one of the coasters they had printed that you could pick up at the cafe.)

But since I didn't post this in time I have instead made a list of my top 5 favourite good coffee places in Melbourne . Please let me know any of your favourites that you would like to share in Melbourne or anywhere! They are all linked to reviews from Broadsheet with images, location and a bit of history on each which is interesting.

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