Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Audrey's 1st Birthday Invitation

I made this little bird to go with our bride and groom for the wedding cake but it has ended up doubling as the bird in Audrey's birthday invitation's. Made the cake from fimo, with dolls house furniture and Cristina Rae paper as the wallpaper behind.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Margaux Lange

This is what I love about reading blogs - sometimes you just come across something that is so awesome you have to share it with everyone to spread the word. Margaux Lange is one of those people and thanks to Candy Bandit I have just discovered her. She is a jeweller from Brooklyn, New York who reuse and remakes Barbies into the most amazing jewellery.
Check out her website, blog or etsy shop here:

Monday, February 1, 2010


My work space has exploded - look what happens when I try to clean. I think there is method to my messy madness that I shouldn't mess with. Things have gotten crazy busy around here - have returned to work 2 days a week so have even less time then before! Meanwhile we run out of Internet downloads while i am at home all week so no blog reading and inspiration all week - I was a little scared to open up google reader - was worse then i thought 1000+ blog posts to read - i think I need to cut back on the following here. Oh and I think my wisdom teeth have arrived - i am so scared to go to the dentist but this ache in my jaw is going to get the better of me soon.

I found this fox I had drawn and photocopied onto acetate for a project at RMIT that was going to go on a silk screen but never did. I decided to use it to decorate the house. The photo's are Polaroids from out trip overseas last year. I wanted to submit the photo to this great new flickr group Craft Fox started by Liz of Lino Forest but I don't think it is crafty enough. But you should check it out - some great foxy works there.
Here is a sneak preview of my latest work - a little tangerine something coming your way.