Saturday, January 16, 2010

7 Inch Record Wedding Invitation

Finally after much anticipation and waiting for invitations to be delievered I can now share with you the finished product of our wedding invitations! Inspired by our love of music, we decided it would be cool to attempt to make a 7 inch album cover into a wedding invitation - little did we know how big the production would end up being but we had so much fun doing it. I initally made the birds for the top of the wedding cake, the bride was made of scraps from my wedding dress and some sample beaded fabric we didn't end up using. The groom was made from an old dress of mine. The wallpaper and floor were papers designed by Cristina Rae who has some beautiful work and an amazing shop in Collingwood. We decided to personalise the invitations by selecting out a variety of 7 inch records from our local record shop 8 Mile High in Thornbury and tried to send something that they might like to listen to.
Above is the back of the album cover showing the details of the wedding -we tried to make it look like the back of a record (Katherine if you are reading this - you can probably tell that I am using your invitation - but keeping it safe till you return xx). Below is an image showing the insert we produced for further information for guests.
This image below is where my inital inspiration came from for the album cover. I just loved this when I found it via the Style Me Pretty blog. It was taken by The Nichols a husband and wife wedding photography team that photographed the most beautiful photo's of the most beautiful wedding here.
This is a shot of the album covers in production - I think I now have RSI!

Shot of the birds in their set (notice audrey in the frame behind them!)

Soon I will upload some more images to my folio here of more detailed images of the birds. I am also looking to use the set and birds to produce a wedding congratulations card for sale but will keep you posted about that.


  1. Oh wow, that is officially the coolest wedding invite I've ever seen!

  2. Very very very cool! You must be glad to have that project done.

  3. Hi Curly Pops and Liv, thanks for the lovely comments. would you believe i now have RSI!! Gotta have them breaks! Love what is happening over at your blogs also.