Monday, February 1, 2010


My work space has exploded - look what happens when I try to clean. I think there is method to my messy madness that I shouldn't mess with. Things have gotten crazy busy around here - have returned to work 2 days a week so have even less time then before! Meanwhile we run out of Internet downloads while i am at home all week so no blog reading and inspiration all week - I was a little scared to open up google reader - was worse then i thought 1000+ blog posts to read - i think I need to cut back on the following here. Oh and I think my wisdom teeth have arrived - i am so scared to go to the dentist but this ache in my jaw is going to get the better of me soon.

I found this fox I had drawn and photocopied onto acetate for a project at RMIT that was going to go on a silk screen but never did. I decided to use it to decorate the house. The photo's are Polaroids from out trip overseas last year. I wanted to submit the photo to this great new flickr group Craft Fox started by Liz of Lino Forest but I don't think it is crafty enough. But you should check it out - some great foxy works there.
Here is a sneak preview of my latest work - a little tangerine something coming your way.


  1. Hello Carly:)
    lovely to discover your blog...
    Seems we are both doing massive cleanups! i wasn't brave enough to show my before shots yet though (I will soon:)
    I love your animations and wedding invites too!

  2. hi - i went to to dentist once suspecting the worst.. turned out i had 'face ache'. He told me if i had a problem to 'let go'... just a thought..