Friday, September 18, 2009

Neck Decorations Exhibition

Below is one of the scarves that I designed for the Neck Decorations exhibition organised by my friend Belinda who works for Craft Australia. All proceeds go to the National Breast Cancer Foundation and all scarves are donated by artists and designers in Australia. So if you happen to be in Canberra on the 19th or 20th of September please stop by and maybe even buy a scarf to help support the cause.

This scarf is from my series 'Scarves from Outer Space' which I am yet to upload on my portfolio. As the name implies I was inspired by those classic 1950's Scifi movies with gorgeous girls being attacked by weird monsters! The scarves were all made from recycled jumpers from savers. I also did a little illustration with each scarf and had grand plans to take it further but is on the pile of to-do's with a whole heap of other ideas.

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