Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Dollshouse Update

Well I have finally gotten around to staining the exterior of the dollshouse I am building Audrey. I decided to go with a more rustic exterior cause the interior is going to be pretty bright and colourful!

The next step now is interior decoration, wallpaper, curtains, cushions, furniture, paintings for the walls. I am half thinking of a project where maybe people could make little contributions to help make a funky, arty house - designing on a small scale - what do you think - you could make a rug, or a painting for the wall or even a lampshade?!
Otherwise I will be sifting through etsy and ebay for vintage pieces - ooh I can't wait to start if only I could afford to do this to my real home!
P.S: I'm addicted to this show called The Wire - HBO series.


  1. Oh, my. This is gorgeous! I can imagine wonderful daydreams spawned by this wondrous toy.

  2. Hi Ammie - thanks for dropping by. Yes i think this is going to be huge! Hopefully Audrey will play with it one day as much as i will!