Saturday, September 12, 2009

Exhibitions, Weddings, Folio Work and Misc Whooha

I have had the best week having my parents down cleaning up my house, doing my washing, babysitting so we can go see Ponyo (the new miyazaki film) and generally giving me a big break while they hung out with their little grandaughter!

Have been to the Dali exhibition at the NGV which was awesome, plenty of inspiration but the exhibition was huge so have to go back and have another look. My favourite parts were the animation with Disney and a set for hitchcock he designed (oh and also the metal beating heart at the end!).
I have loaded some more work into my portfolio on flickr, part of the Dream Series again based on some drunken nights out with my friends at uni. I really liked the shadows of the girl dancing into the scene, depending on how you moved the light it made her look like she was moving. Have been working on a few other projects (including the wedding!) but will have to fill you in later!

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