Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Goode Family

Now I have to admit I am a huge fan of Mike Judge - especially King of the Hill (I think I have watched seasons 1-6 about 7 times and I still laugh at different things!) so I might be a bit biased but I actually really love his new series the Goode Family.

The show was canned after the first season and never really given a chance but there was huge potential there.  Am currently watching the episodes on Youtube as they might not even release it on DVD! Shame on you people and shame on you for not releasing Season 7 of King of the Hill!!!!

Anyway - I would like to put the word out there that it is worth a watch so it doesn't just go off into the abyss of cyberspace.

Above is the first part of the pilot episode but the whole series is on Youtube. Admittedly you have to get to know the characters but have just finished episodes 5 & 6 and they were hilarious.

Hope everyone had a good new years!


  1. Thanks for sharing - what a great show! They always can the good stuff


  3. All I can say is the more we spread the word the more chance we have of at least getting it on DVD!!!