Monday, January 31, 2011

Exhibitions: Ballet Russes and Space Invaders

(image source: NGA)
I went to see the Ballet Russes and Space Invaders exhibitions at the NGA when I was back in Canberra over Xmas. Both were really inspiring and it was great to go back to the gallery. It has completely changed since last time I was there - was really strange considering we used to be there everyweek at art school. Definitely both worth a visit.  

(Image Source: scanned flyer from exhibition)

Here are two images from postcards I bought for the Ballet Russes exhibition - they are both sketches of costumes which I think was my favourite part of the exhibition.

(image source: scanned postcard from exhibition)
Leon Bakst
"Dione" plate 73

(Image Source: uploaded by myself from postcard)

George Barbier
"Nijinsky as the Golden Slave and Rubenstein as Zoebeide in Scheherazade"


  1. Oh yes the Ballet Russes is a wonderful exhibition! I remember seeing some of it before, but this time it's much bigger. I love the sketches too, and the risks they took/boundaries pushed by getting artists of all kinds to design costumes and sets (instead of safer costume and set designers). I also really loved some of the photography, though there is really not a lot of it.

  2. Hi Liv, Hope you guys are well - I can't work out how to reply to your email/post personally!
    I was excited to see Sonia Delauney was one of the artists as I like her work. The photography was great too!