Friday, April 8, 2011

80's Flashback - Part 1

As promised I am about to start an 80's flashback for you (and especially for my friend Thouraya as I know she will appreciate this!)

I found a tonne of my toys back home when we went recently - all in bits and pieces - why oh why did I not look after things better. I am now on a mission to rebuild my collections on ebay!

My Little Ponies above, Strawberry Shortcake below with more images to come as I sort them out. I hope this brings back as many memories for you as it did for me.


  1. OOOO...yes I do love it!! I would have loved to come over to your house when I was a wee many ponies!! Love the house and bug too...I might have to come over for a play soon!

  2. i love these 80's flashback. i had and loved the same strawberry shortcake home but i never had the little buggy. such good memories : ) thanks x