Sunday, October 10, 2010

Pin Up Your Doodle Submission

I found out about this project a little while ago called Pin Up Your Doodle. I was a little dubious and worried on first clicking the link! but as it turns out it is a fundraising event organised by a non-profit bar in Melbourne Shebeen opening soon to support projects in the developing world.

The aim of the game is to submit your doodle, illustration or sketch and they will be exhibited and auctioned at the Australian Cenre for Contemporary Art in Melbourne.

More information is found at their website or blog. Submissions must be in by the 1st November.

I was thinking of submitting the above image I did at the first art/craft group meet up I started with some friends!


  1. So cute! My doodle is halfway finished. I must get back into it so it's ready in time!

  2. Excellent! you will have to let us know when it is done so I can check out your doodle!

    ps - i have been so amazed at how you have organised your studio lately! That is a far away dream for me at the moment!