Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Some handmade delights from the wedding

Below are some images of some of the handmade elements from the wedding. After this I have only a few more pictures to share then enough of weddings! A big thanks to my Mum, Milly, Thouraya, Katherine, Loren and Tara for helping contribute to all the handmade stuff!

The wedding dress made by my mum!
The birds
Stamps handmade by Tara of Dudley Redhead got a work out.
on the nameplace/gifts bagsin the church books.
and in the guest books (artworks by Katherine, Alex and Mel!).all the hearts cut and made by MillyLantern arrangement by Katherine + you can see the table runners Milly helped me make.
The marquee and Lanyon Homestead below.

Garter belt i made.
flower girl dress (of which there were 2, one made by Thouraya and the other my mum)

Bouquets made by Katherine and Loren.

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  1. Love the garter belt!! Didn't get a good look at it on the night, very beautiful!!!